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City of Harkány


"Harkány is one of Hungary's best-known and most beautiful spas. Due to its favourable natural endowments, it is a popular tourist destination for all those longing for a little relaxation. Those suffering from arthralgia or gynaecological diseases have been cured in Harkány for over 150 years. Here they have a guarantee for healing and easing of their health complaints in the long run. Harkány also has an international sports hall and a number of sports centres serving sports associations and sports clubs together with the services offered by the spa. By now, recreation tourism has also reached a European level in Harkány, the number of tourist accommodations is nearly 35,000. Hotels, pensions, private accommodations and campsites are awaiting tourists visiting Harkány. Besides the evocative and pleasant restaurants and country taverns with live music, the 'Harkány Summer' Programme Series offer relaxation and high-quality amusement programmes throughout the year."



Pleasurable restaurants and country taverns offer the Hungarian and national meals for our guests.


Harkány is a family splashing-place!

Harkány is the northernmost watering-place with a Mediterranean climate in Europe. The spa is situated in picturesque surrounding, where the sunny hours of a year are 2000-2100. The world famous Harkány Spa and Open-air Bath is waiting for you and your family every day, all year round. The 13.5 hectare wood-land of the bath can be visited from May till October, where open-air pools, stretched-surfaced water-pools, separate children's pool and water slides are located. You can buy a 'crossing ticket' in the building of the open-air bath if you want to get acquainted with the spa and its world-famous medicinal water.



The spa and open-air bath of Harkány has around 180 year-old history. We have written documents on the health-improving medicinal water of Harkány since 1823. The excellent natural environment, the health-providing quality of the water and the superb surroundings made Harkány a well-known spa. The spa was instituted by the Batthyány family which was developed rapidly in that age. Harkány as a "family bathing place" is waiting for all guests, all the year round. The spa, Wellness Bath and open-air bath of Harkány is operated by the Harkányi Gyógyfürdő Rt. A 1.350.000 square meters park, covered resting places, 3 medicinal and 5 swimming water pools and a great water slide are waiting for the visitors.


The whole world is almost unique Harkány water of 50-70 m depths, average, 62 0C temperature reaches the surface. Mineral content of more than 1,000 mg per liter. Medical point of view, the most important minerals in the 2 monovalent compounds, the karbonszulfid (COS), which form the gas dissolved in water under pressure. The effluent water from the pressure freed immediately begins to decay, is transformed into hydrogen sulfide gas, which gives a characteristic smell. The minor grains high water elemental sulfur pool is clearly visible in the sidelights. 1 liter is around 12 mg quantities of thermal water in the karbonitszulfid. Moreover, this compound has not previously been known in the 1860s discovered the chemical analysis of water.  


Body, the structure of articular cartilage molecules are involved, which is an important element in the divalent sulfur. The locomotive 90% of patients with degenerative arthritis and - spinal disease. Especially in weight-bearing joints: hips, knees, ankles hyaline cartilage are going to ruin. Mechanical overload (high weight), clinical symptoms, increased pain, swelling, limitation of movement - has been forthcoming. The repeated recovery of cartilage forming sulfur compounds, the replacement play an important role in the body per sulfur, which has proven to be built into the cartilage.


This chemical effect of water. In addition, take part in healing of water buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, which decreases the body weight through the water, that is, the load-bearing joints, the hydrodynamic effect of the heat. The Harkány water not only in patients with musculoskeletal disease concept! To heal chronic gynecological inflammations caused by inflammation may also be compromised sterility. Older studies indicate that women are treated with sterile 30% became pregnant.